LIFE 30 networking event
On September 29, 2022, in honor of the 30th anniversary of the LIFE program, a meeting of LIFE program projects taking place in Latvia was held in Mores parish. The purpose of this event was to inform its participants about Latvian LIFE project news, planned activities and challenges, as well as to share experiences and discuss current issues related to the implementation of LIFE program projects.

On the first part of the event, the participants had the opportunity to go on an excursion to Mores parish, where representatives of the LIFE GoodWater IP project shared their experience of reversing the damage caused to rivers and their inhabitants by various obstacles and dams.


During the tour, the participants also had the opportunity to see the results of clean-ups implemented within the framework of the LIFE GoodWater IP in Mergupe. Clearings were carried out to clear sections of the river of tree drifts and dams, thereby improving the flow of the river and washing away sand. After two clearings, there were already noticeable improvements in the riverbed and new fast-flowing sections have appeared. 


After the excursion, the participants of the event were visited by the mobile nature class created within the LIFE IPLatViaNature project. This is the first mobile nature class in Latvia and it is a modern solution that makes nature education more accessible at various public events and beyond. The mobile nature class offers an attractive and entertaining way to learn about natural ecosystems and get involved in nature conservation activities.


In the second part of the event, the representatives of Latvian LIFE projects presented the current events of their projects, discussed what has been achieved during the year, as well as future plans. During the presentations, the participants used the opportunity to share the experience gained during the implementation of the LIFE program projects in Latvia. The event was also attended by representatives from the administration of the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund of the State Regional Development Agency, which administers the allocation of national funding to LIFE projects.


After the individual LIFE project presentations, discussions took place, during which both examples of good practice and the most important complications and challenges faced by the project implementers were discussed.

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