Annual working paper on LIFE priorities in Latvia launched
According to the CAP LIFE LAT project tasks, the Annual working paper 2017 with the aim to provide the applicants with the material that would help to choose the project subject and facilitate the comparison of priorities between the national and EU level.

The working paper summarize those priorities of Latvia that lack of implementation of solutions or partial implementation assessing them in context with EU political priorities and LIFE multiannual work agenda.
The listing of priorities is based on research carried out within the framework of project “Capacity increasing for LIFE programme implementation on Latvia (CAP LIFE LAT)”, which identified such fields as Environmental, Nature and Biological diversity, and Climate change as less covered initiatives of all current political and financial instruments. The identified fields have been analysed according to the LIFE multiannual work program requirements as well as LIFE guidelines for each subprogram, new focuses of LIFE appeal 2017, errors committed and lessons learnt during previous years  and results of negotiations and conclusions made in working groups with policy makers, stakeholders and applicants. The listing of EU priorities lays on base of LIFE Multiannual work programme (priority area “Environment and Resource Efficiency) and guidelines 2017 (priority area “Climate issues”).  Aligning the theme of the chosen project with themes listed in priorities list below the submitting authority promotes the implementation of Latvian priorities, thus ensuring the compliance of their subjects priorities established by the European Commission.

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