Seminar for applicants submitting the projects to LIFE program
8th August 2017 applicants wishing to submit the projects to EU Environment and Climate Actions programme LIFE are kindly invited to take part in the seminar that aims to provide useful information related to important nuances and tips for filling-in the project application to be submitted to the European Commission (project description, planning of activities, budget preparation etc.).

Among other interested persons, the organizers particularly welcome the candidates, who have already received a conceptual support for national funding and started the project application in e-proposal system.
The seminar will be delivered by Diego Mattioli (Italy), Senior Expert of EU project planning and management specialized in such instruments as LIFE, Horizon 2020 and. INTERREG. Diego has taken part in more than 20 EU funding projects related to environment and energy from the submission to the end of the project. Currently, he is involved in implementation of seven LIFE program projects in different roles (project applications, coordination, management of ongoing activities etc.). Last ten years he regularly provides lectures on EU project planning, technical and financial management, project accounting and other subjects

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